Changing the way
data services
are delivered
into the future.

 Future Communications Group


Future Communications is an exciting convergence of new and emerging technologies in physical devices applied within software and data-driven networks to deliver next generation ubiquitous data services.

At the physical level there is an expanding number of new technology areas including the use of multi frequency array antennas; optics and lasers; quantum communications; and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations. In the mid parts of the stack there are technologies seeking to virtualise communications on cloud computing, or of federating networking and processing across connectivity modes including 5/6G mobile networks, satellites, wireless internet-of-things, and drone based platforms.

At the application level, there are advances in privacy-preserving communications, post-quantum cryptography and security, network resilience, and content optimisation.

By innovating in and across these areas the Future Communications Group is changing the way data services are delivered into the future.